Iplayer not working with IE9

This morning Windows 7 asked me if I wanted to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. I had previously tried the Beta version and decided that it probably was time to jump ship.

After installing it I visited the BBC's Iplayer site and discovered that I couldn't listen to the latest episode of The Unbelievable Truth.

bbc iplayer not working with internet explorer 9

As you can see there is pretty important content missing- rendering the site unusable..


Until the BBC update their coding there is a work around that is pretty painless.

Whilst the Iplayer site is open hit the f12 function key at the top of your keyboard. You will now be presented with a number of tabs at the bottom of the open page. Selct the Documents tab and hit ie8.

The page should now refresh and all should be working.

bbc iplayer and ie 9 solved and working

The above workaround should work for any other sites that had previously worked with Internet Explorer 8.

To be fair to Microsoft they did leave IE9 in beta mode for quite a long time which should have given webmasters sufficient time make any requisite changes.